Perfectly wrong

Music & lyrics by Emilie Blom


The stair was winding leading elsewhere

she walked up to the other side

and said don’t worry I am ready

I had a good time but I lost the fight

don’t mess around and go for it,

you don’t want to stay behind

it can be tough you’ll learn enough

you haven’t got a lot of time


The road is bumpy where am i going

I wake up hands on the steering wheel

I am worried I am moving

when I turn up  your arms are open wide

we’re going to do what we can and make mistakes we make plenty every day

rev it up don’t put my foot on the brakes

we’ll have to go our own way


Everything’s gone perfectly wrong


We’ll make it up as we go along

it might be right might be wrong


The road is bumpy, where are we going

I wake up, hands on the steering wheel

i’m not worried, we are moving

when I turn up, your arms are open wide


Everything’s gone perfectly wrong